The From Idea to Author-ity series is all about how to write that book you've been 'thinking about writing' for ages, because you really want to use a book to attract clients, speaking opportunities.   If you have information, expertise, wisdom, or knowledge to share that is going to ignite action that rewards you for your special skills, then you are in the right place. 

But what makes this THE place to be? 

Dixie Maria Carlton has been sharing her own wisdom, experience, and knowledge about writing and publishing books for more than a dozen years.  She created one of the first collaborative publishing companies in the southern Hemisphere in 2006, way back when the very idea of charging for specialist self-publishing help was a novelty in the publishing world.   Back then, people had the option of either trying to desperately attract the attention (and advance royalties) of the traditional publisher or an agent, or they could go through the agony of self-publishing a book, learning as they went, and often wasting a tonne of money, stressing over the decisions along the way on a journey that was fraught with complications.  A that time it was extraordinarily difficult to find help from someone who actually knew what to do in terms of getting a high quality book to market. 

Dixie has published more than 50 books, including  anthologies, motivational, business, trade specialist, non-fiction and fiction titles. 

Some of Dixie's authors have achieved outstanding national and international recognition for their work, including foreign rights, translations, being picked up by traditional publishers, and winning high profile industry awards. One client even won an International Silver Stevie award for marketing in the under $5M category by using his books as his primary marketing tools.  (It should be noted that the gold winner that year was a Telco who actually had a budget of millions, while our author had a budget of less than $50K!)

Dixie has attended and successfully sold at the International Book Fairs in London and Frankfurt.  She has also worked with  Literary agents, clients who have been Traditionally Published authors, and has herself written in both fiction and non-fiction genres. 

Dixie understands the process of working with Amazon, social media, marketing, and how the professional speaking industry works, having been actively involved in the Global Speaker's Assocation and two of it's member countries since 2002.  This included a paid position as Chief Editor for the GSS, as well as terms spent as Chapter and National President of the NSANZ. 

There are a lot of author programs available in the world today, but Dixie has a few key differences that set her apart.  Aside from the fact that she's from 'Down Under' and therefore more globally focused on the publishing industry outside of the USA and UK, Dixie is also a veteran indie-publisher with 95% of her business being either referral or repeat, and she has expert knowledge and experience of both the Publishing and the Speaking industries. 

You are definitely in the right place, and we welcome you to look through the contents, work with the resources available here, and please sing out if you need anything you're stuck on.  

What this program offers new authors:

In this 10 week program, you'll discover there really is an easy formula for planning and then writing your first (or your twenty-first) non-fiction book.  Dixie will take you through the pre-planning stages of identifying who your readers are, what information you need to ensure is included in your book contents, and how to lay out the chapters for the best reader flow.   You'll discover how you can keep motivated to keep writing, working to a robust and proven plan, and what needs to happen at all the steps along the way towards getting your manuscript drafted, checked, edited and ready for publishing

You'll also learn about the roles of the editor(s), and as an added bonus you'll be given a one-to-one coaching session with Dixie to discuss your contents, book ideas, or any part of the writing process. 

Author-ity Author books are not like most self published books - they look, feel, and read like they've been well crafted and properly currated from the beginning.   Dixie shares with her clients exactly what makes a great self help book, truly stand out from the crowded market place of self published non-fiction books.  

You'll receive: 

  1. A multi-part program assisting you through the process of planning, writing, and editing your book.
  2. Tools and resources for mapping out your book contents, enlisting the support of Beta Readers, and preparing your book for production. 
  3. A 45 minute BONUS one-to-one coaching session with Dixie. 
  4. Ongoing access to the program you can use to refresh your planning techniques for subsequent books you wish to write.
  5. Access to the monthly Hang Out sessions on Zoom with Dixie and other Authority Authors discussing all aspects of the book business, non-fiction publishing and writing. 

Your Investment

If you were going to work with Dixie from start to finish in her one-to-one Author-ity Authorship program, you'd be spending between $10-$20,000.   This program with all it's resources and expertise has an estimated vaule of $5,000.  Plus a 45 Minute publishing coaching session with Dixie is valued at $250.00.

This program is yours for a fraction of all that!  

Book now - and pace yourself with Dixie's proven success formula to plan and write your non-fiction book for less than $300.00.

Plus as an added bonus, you can access the follow up program about how to PRODUCE and publish your book, and/or the 'How to Market Your Non-Fiction book' programs at 20% below the published prices - saving you a further $110.00.  

Sign Up Now - 100% No Risk Guarantee

If you feel after the 10 days that this program is NOT going to help you write your non-fiction book to the very best of your ability, we're offering a 100% no risk money back guarantee. 

So - what else is holding you back from writing your book in 2018?

The timing is never going to be better - than RIGHT NOW. 

See you inside...